About Us

In 1916 Eugene Goldberger started the Goldberger Doll Company in lower Manhattan, New York. (For 80 years, our products were made in the U.S.) Almost a century later, it still is a family owned and operated company. "Papa Gene's" granddaughter Shelley and her husband Jeff Holtzman continue to carry on the Goldberger tradition of creating well made, affordable toys that children love and parents appreciate. In its third generation, the Goldberger Company is now known for creating dolls with a special emphasis on meeting the needs of younger children, from birth to age three, and their parents.

We Believe

We believe playthings for young children need to be safe, loveable, fun to play with, and easy to care for.

We believe playthings for young children are critical in helping to shape how they learn and how they develop.

We believe "mother knows best", which is why we welcome feedback from parents and use that feedback in the creation of our dolls.

We believe dolls should be as parent-friendly as they are kid-friendly.

We believe dolls should be loved for life!

Our Mission

To make attractive, quality products for young children that are safe and affordable. Happy babies, happy Moms!

Our Staff

In order to accomplish our mission and create the highest quality products possible, we only hire the best. Whether it's our designers, engineers or production experts, we ensure that all of Goldberger's employees share the Goldberger philosophy and vision. This enables us to guarantee that your Baby's FirstTM doll will be safe, adorable, and ready for a lifetime of love.