Thoughtful Solutions for Happy Babies

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challenges and solutions

Challenges and Solutions

How can we help when they are afraid of the dark? How can we take anxiety out of potty training? Hear what our experts say.

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Every Baby's First doll has a Lifetime Guarantee, and has been tested by thousands of babies who have fallen in love with their dolls.

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Baby’s First dolls have been tested by parents and grandparents who’ve applauded the smart and thoughtful solutions inherent in their design.

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Baby’s First was born into one of America’s oldest doll companies. For more than 100 years, Goldberger has delighted children and their parents with wonderful dolls. Our Baby’s First dolls are designed to help parents solve the challenges their children face in growing, changing and learning – from babies and toddlers to preschoolers – without losing a bit of the delight our history suggests. All Baby's First dolls are designed to be loved for life, and are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.

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