Jeff Holtzman

A father’s insights to kid’s challenges, created a business of playful solutions

Every new parent worries about the additional responsibility a baby brings when they enter the world.  The challenges ahead are enormous; but somehow, with courage and help and family and friends, you’ll face them. My wife and I were no different. We are amazed that we survived our own childhoods. We grew up without seat belts, bike helmets or laws about lead paint, or age-rated rules for toys. Our generation has made a lot of strides in making sure our kids are physically safe, but our worries go beyond the physical. We’re concerned about teaching our kids the difference between right and wrong, and we’re anxious to keep them on a positive learning track.  We worry about their anxieties and fears, monitor what they eat and how they sleep, and we pour over the Internet for answers. Children should come with instruction books!

As a doll manufacturer, I’ve tried to create products that might help parents and their kids in this fabulous journey. I believe our dolls can be solutions to all kinds of problems parents face. So, using our own experience, I designed Interactive dolls with removable sound modules that allow parents to toss dolls into washing machines and return the ‘voice’ to a fresh, clean doll. I came up with engaging characters that taught my own kids to button and snap and zip their clothes. And when my daughter, Olivia, imagined monsters in her bedroom, I created a doll that empowered her to solve her own sleep problem. Dino was dressed as a dinosaur and had the brawn to roar at those pretend monsters with a squeeze of his tummy. I can report that Olivia quickly mastered the game of scaring away her fears.  And by now, thousands of children have also used Dino to great results.

We have assembled a wonderful team of experts here at Baby’s First. They’ll share their skills and insights with you all, and work with us to develop even more thoughtful solutions to the challenges of raising babies, toddlers and very young children.  Come visit our website often, follow, comment and “like” us on Facebook and our YouTube Channel, and keep up with our changes as we grow and develop more ways to lend you a hand. 

Jeff Holtzman
CEO and founder of Baby’s First